Icelandic Landscapes

Stepping into Iceland can be like setting foot onto an alien planet. Born of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and geothermal geysers, Iceland is a country with rugged beauty.

As we drove through the whole circumference, it was hard not to stop every 5 minutes, literally. As we traveled through winds up to 60mph, stormy days with heavy low-hanging clouds, and off-roading in our sedan, we stopped for moments to just stand and adore nature’s forms in Iceland. We bathed in natural hot springs, dug our toes in black sand reaching beyond the horizon, and watched glaciers rise and fall beyond the fog. Small towns on the fjords smelled of fish, reminiscent of the herring industry that once thrived here in Iceland. Locals shared stories of breaking ice with their bare hands to swim through the glacial water and secret areas to enjoy a beer under the Northern Lights.