Skin Against Rock

Climbers gather from across the world to take a shot at climbing the iconic boulders surrounding the quaint town of Bishop, CA. These large rocks have stood the test of time of harsh environments of rain, snow, and wind to give them the unique and challenging features that climbers hang on to.

The climbers make calculated moves, contorting their bodies to put their weight on small, sharp features that can barely be held with their fingertips. Some of the more challenging routes have only been successfully ascended by a handful of the world's best climbers. Friction and strength is what they have to count on to make it to the top.

However, there's a lot of support. Even though the sport is individualistic by nature, going out to the boulders can be a incredibly social activity. Many different groups of climbers could be working on a single route, and they offer advice and encouragement as climbers make attempts. There's this special, positive energy that everyone wants to see each other get better.

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